5 Tricks Slot Machine Manufacturers Use on You

5 Tricks Slot Machine Manufacturers Use on You

Slot machines offer players an unrivaled chance to put it all in the hands of fate with their gambling experiences. Normally offering little more than a chance to select a number of lines and a total bet before spinning the reels, slots are extremely popular for their relaxed, isolated approach to gaming. However, slot manufacturers have a few tricks up their collective sleeve to keep you interested while they leverage a distinct advantage in the odds. Let’s take a look at five tricks that slot creators use to keep you playing.

Lights, Sounds and Excitement
If you’ve ever spun the wheels on a slot machine, particularly a modern video machine, you’ll know that slots pack in plenty of stimulating distractions to take your mind away from the money and keep you focused on the next big spin. Constant flashing lights and dinging from your machine, even when your winnings were far less than your original bet, is a mental trick to convince the player, as well as the surrounding crowd, that sitting at the slot machine is always a great place to be. Much like the casino as a whole, a steady supply of captivating distractions is one of the standard ways to get players to the machines.

Free Spins
Modern machines almost always include some form of free spin feature to keep players interested in the game. Nothing feels quite like watching the wheels spin, over and over, as your winnings pile up, knowing that all of the spins were a bonus for your formidable play. Ultimately, whether you win big on free spins or not, they are a useful trick to keep you interested for a greater amount of time.

Story Lines
In the old days, slots were just three reels with symbols, and you could win simply by lining them up in specific orders. Today, however, slots can tell stories to gamblers. How will the adventurer get past the dragon to capture the gold? Will the leading character ever find his blushing bride? By giving players the opportunity to observe a piece of the story with every spin of the reels, manufacturers can immediately incentivize prolonged play.

Different Pay Tables
Next time you’re at your favorite casino, take a look at the pay tables for your favorite slot machines. Often, even two machines that appear identical can have drastically different chances to win. Is the jackpot for the machine 15,000 credits, or is it 2,000 credits? Slot manufacturers and casinos often tilt the odds further into their favor by altering payouts without changing the look of your favorite machines. On the same note, remember to play maximum credits, as this is often the only way to receive pay bonuses or win progressive jackpots.

Random Number Generator
Whether this is a trick by slot manufacturers or by players themselves is up for debate. Slot machine wins and losses are determined completely randomly by a device known as a random number generator. As such, the idea of that a machine is on a hot streak or due for a big win is actually impossible. Each and every spin is its own hot streak or losing streak, and it has no effect on the spins to come.

Modern slot machines come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit the preferences of individual players. Keep in mind the manufacturers’ tricks, and you’re sure to enjoy a great experience next time you’re at the casino!


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