A simple look at playing and winning at Craps

A simple look at playing and winning at Craps

I totally know how you feel. You love casino games, but if there’s one single game you completely avoid on the casino floor, it’s Craps. It doesn’t mater if you’re playing online or having fun in Las Vegas. The Craps tables are off limits in your mind. In fact, in your world, they don’t exist. They did, though, way back in the day.

There was the first time you hit the Craps table and attempted to understand the game. That also happened to be the last time you hit the Craps table. You spent 5 minutes there and couldn’t wrap your head around the game. Since then, you’ve completely blocked out the existence of Craps from your mind.

Today, it’s time to conquer your fears, understand the game, and learn what it takes to win. And it won’t even take long. I promise. I’ve put together an easy way to understand Craps and succeed at it.

The Pass Line Bet
If there’s only one bet to wrap your head around, the Pass Line bet is it. Basically, you make this bet by dropping some chips on the pass line before the Come Out Roll is tossed. If the dice shooter ends up rolling a 7 or 11, then you’ll win even money, right off the bat. You’ll lose if the shooter rolls 2, 3, or 12. But here’s the best part. Any other number? You’re still in the game. That becomes the box point for the game. If that bet is rolled again before the number 7 hits, you’ll win. Easy peasy.

The Don’t Pass Bet
Got a good grasp of The Pass Line bet? Then the Don’t Pass bet should be just as easy to wrap your noggin around. It’s basically the complete opposite of the Pass Line bet, where the numbers that lead to a win or loss or flipped. For the most part, you don’t want to place this bet at a live casino as you’ll probably make a bunch of enemies (after all, you’re betting against the shooter) but if you’re playing Craps online, you’re good to go.

Taking Odds
Once the box point is locked in, feel free to take odds. In a nutshell, you’re betting that the box point will be rolled before a 7 hits. You’ll absolutely love this bet because there is no house edge on it. Keep in mind, though, that some casinos will limit the amount you can put down on this wager.

Gain confidence at Palace of Chance
Still feeling uneasy about playing Craps online or live? Start right here at Palace of Chance. With your free account, you can practice the bets we’ve gone over for free, no real money required. Once you’re comfortable, feel free to switch over to real money play and see how easy it is to win at Craps.


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