Blackjack Strategies to Make You Lose

Blackjack Strategies to Make You Lose


More than any other casino game, blackjack has become famous throughout the world of gambling for its multitude of unique and successful strategies. Basic strategy is a great tool for increasing your odds of a win on each and every hand, and card counting, if done correctly, can push these odds even more into the player’s favor. However, not every available blackjack strategy is made of gold. The massive popularity of this seemingly simple game has helped to spawn a wide and ranging collection of strategies that may or may not improve your odds. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few strategies that will actually decrease your odds of winning.

Book Worms
Remember when your teachers told you about the importance of reading? Well, that turns out to be the case for blackjack as well. Imagine your brain as a tool belt full of dull tools to help you beat the dealer at the blackjack tables. Left alone, they may work, but taking the time to sharpen these tools can greatly increase your chances of success. Expecting to master any strategy without taking the time to fully understand it is a great way to lose some cash. Instead, take advantage of the resources at your disposal in order to sharpen your understanding of the inner workings of the game of blackjack. Nobody ever said that having too much knowledge was a bad thing.

Pointing Fingers
Even with the best possible strategy, you won’t be able to guarantee success at the blackjack tables. If it was possible, everybody would be leaving the casino as a millionaire and blackjack would quickly cease to exist throughout the industry. The truth is that an element of luck will always be involved at the blackjack tables. Looking for reasons beyond bad luck and coincidence for your failures is a bad strategy to employ. If you’ve properly prepared yourself and you’re still losing, don’t point to other players or the dealer as a reason for your failure. Instead, take your lumps and prepare to do better the next time. Sooner or later, the luck will be in your favor again.

Think of insurance in blackjack as a side bet. Whenever the dealer shows an ace, you’ll be able to take the insurance bet in order to cover a portion of your losses if the hand turns out to be a blackjack. While this may seem like a clever strategy, the odds say that it is a sucker bet. Instead, cross your fingers and hope for anything but a ten when the second card is revealed. Although it may look like a risky choice, you’ll do better over the long run.

There’s no denying that employing a proper blackjack strategy can greatly improve your odds of success at the tables. If you want to take advantage of this fact, become a student of the game, and find the right formula to maximize your odds of success. Remember, not every strategy is a winner!


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