Celebrities who love to gamble…and the games they can’t get enough of

Celebrities who love to gamble…and the games they can’t get enough of

Love to gamble? Then it turns out you’ve got a lot in common with Hollywood celebrities and athletes. Some of the biggest names in show business and sports are diehard gamblers (and some have even been banned from casinos, but that’s another story). Here’s a look at celebrities who can’t get enough of trying their luck.

Ben Affleck
He appeared in Runner, Runner, a movie about online poker that, to be honest, was really horrible. And Affleck even had an online poker account at Ultimate Bet before that site went belly-up. So you might think that Ben Affleck is an avid poker player. And while he’s played in his fair share of poker tournaments, Ben’s favorite game is Blackjack. Well, maybe not anymore. You see, Ben made a killing playing Blackjack. Apparently he’s quite the card counter and amassed a fortune so big that the Hard Rock in Las Vegas banned him from playing there.

Tobey Maguire
He once played Spider-Man, prior to Daniel Garfield’s reboot, but he’s known in the poker circuit for using his Spidey Senses to figure out what other players are holding. Tobey Maguire is so into poker that he was investigated for taking part in an illegal poker ring. Yup, he’s that into it.

Pamela Anderson
The former Baywatch bombshell would have you mucking your cards at the poker table if she looked at you the wrong way, but thankfully this actress isn’t a diehard poker player. Instead, Pamela is known to love the slot machines, so much show that she actually stars in a Baywatch-themed slots machine. And if you’re feeling naughty, go hunt down the Special Edition Pamela Anderson Playboy slot machine at a Las Vegas casino (you won’t find that here at The Virtual Casino, but Naughty or Nice Spring Break isn’t far off the mark).

Charles Barkley
If you’re looking for lessons on proper bankroll management, Charles Barkley is definitely the poster child for what not to do. The former NBA star has lost over $10 million gambling, including $2.5 million during a game of Blackjack. It’s safe to say that Blackjack is probably his favorite game, or at least it was before he lost that kind of coin.

Jennifer Tilly
These days, the Academy Award-nominated actress is known for her poker skills more than her recent Hollywood roles. But she’s OK with that, especially when she has a World Series of Poker bracelet to her name. Oh, and she’s shacking up with international poker sensation Phil Laak, who’s amassed millions in poker winnings over the last several years.


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