Discover a whole new world of adventure slots

Discover a whole new world of adventure slots

Think slots involves spinning a few reels and waiting for the coins to drop? Some online slots do, and if that’s your thing so be it. Some people love to just sit back and relax. But if you’re in the mood for something a little more involving, you might want to consider adventure slots. At The Virtual Casino, we’ve got loads of adventure slot options. Today, I’m going to run through my top three personal favorites.

Orc vs Elf
Our biggest, most adventure slot has taken The Virtual Casino by storm. In this epic adventure slots journey, you won’t just spin the reels and wait for the magic to unfold. You’ll get to choose various paths to walk down as you navigate a very surreal world modeled after Middle Earth. And just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, this adventures slots game throws you for a loop with bonus rounds galore. There are actually 14 different feature games to play in this one, making for one of the longest, most unbelievable adventures yet.

Naughty or Nice Spring Break
Now you might not assume that a bunch of bikini-clad ladies who are used to appearing in Santa’s workshop would make for a big adventure, but when everyone’s favorite slots ladies head from the North Pole to South Beach for Spring Break, well, that’s an adventure in and of itself.

Shark School
Who says school isn’t an adventure? For me, high school was a partial blur, and don’t even get me started on college. I’m amazed I can string together a basic sentence, let alone write for a living, but that’s a story for another day. Today I’m talking about Shark School, an adventure slots game that you’ll love – even if you hated school. Go on the ultimate underwater journey as you attend class, try to ace exams, and compete to become teacher’s pet. It’s just like the real world, except you might get eaten alive by sharks that happen to wear braces.

At The Virtual Casino, we’ve got tons of adventure slots worth trying out. With so many games, finding a new game that you’ll love is its own adventure. And the best part? You can play for free just by creating an account. Once you find a game you like, go ahead and make a deposit. We’ll convert your free account into a real one, quickly and easily.


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