First Time Playing Craps

First Time Playing Craps

Your first time at the craps table will, most likely, be an exciting, exhilarating and slightly confusing experience. The game is the epitome of a social gambling experience, but there are so many confusing boxes and bets to understand, right? Well, while it’s true that craps offers a multitude of bets, it is relatively simple to get started if you know a few basics about the game. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re beginning your craps adventure.

When you step up to the table, you’ll want to wait for the start of a new game. This is signified by a member of the table crew announcing the ‘coming out roll’. This roll is the shooter’s first one, and it will set the stage for the remainder of the game going forward. With a new round getting started, it’s time to place your bet. On the edge of the table, you’ll see a little space that says Pass Line. Bet here, and wait for the shooter to get the action underway.

So, what is the Pass Line bet, and why did you put your hard-earned cash on it? Put simply, it’s one of the best bets in the casino in terms of odds. In craps, it means that you are betting with the shooter, and, in most cases, the table. Isn’t it more fun to win with everyone else? If the coming out roll is a 7 or 11, you automatically double your money. Sounds easy, right? Well, if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, you automatically lose, but there are more number combinations on those fancy dice to consider.

If anything other than the previously mentioned numbers is rolled on the coming out roll, then that number is established as the Point. The Point is the magic number that needs to be duplicated in order for you to win your bet and start the celebration. If the shooter rolls a 7 following the establishment of the Point, however, you lose, and the game is over.

You’ll need something to keep you interested between the establishment of the Point and your big win, right? This is where those big numbers in the middle of the table come into play. After the coming out roll, you can place bets on which numbers will be rolled before the end of the round. Try 6 and 8, for example. In this case, if the shooter rolls either a 6 or an 8, you collect on the bet, and, if he or she rolls it multiple times, you’ll continue to collect until either a 7 or the point is rolled to signify the end of the round.

When the point is rolled, you can decide whether you’d like to let your bets ride into the next round or collect your winnings. In either case, you’ve just completed your first round of craps.

Fun, simple and exciting, few games encompass the true atmosphere of the casino better than this dice classic!


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