First Time Playing Roulette

First Time Playing Roulette

ca. 2002

The first time I stepped up to the roulette table I was cautiously excited. The game looked a bit confusing, but I had seen it hundreds of times in the movies, and I felt like I could get through the introductory phase without too much issue. If you’ve never played roulette before, you probably feel similarly about the classic casino title, but you’re in luck! I’m going to share all of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up to make sure that your first time at the roulette table is an exciting (and hopefully profitable) experience!

Buying In
When you sit down at the roulette table, the first move is to buy into the game. Unlike regular casino chips, which have a specified value, roulette features valueless chips in a variety of colors for each player in the game. So, how do you know how much your markers are worth? Basically, your chips are worth the total of your buy-in. In other words, the table may feature chips worth anything from the table minimum to hundreds of dollars side-by-side. Because the chips don’t have an inherent value, it’s important to remember to cash them out when leaving the table. Roulette chips can’t be exchanged for cash at the casino’s cashier!

The Bets
Roulette bets come in two basic flavors: inside and outside. The inside bets consist of various ways of selecting specific numbers. A straight up bet, which is a wager on a single number, pays 35 to 1, while a split bet, which is a bet straddled between two numbers, pays 17 to 1. There are other combinations of bets you can choose on the inside, but the outside bets are a good place to start your roulette journey. The outside features a collection of even money bets to get you acclimated to the game. Red and Black, Odd and Even and High and Low are all good choices, as the odds are similar to those of a coin flip. The difference, of course, is the green zeroes on the wheel. These represent the house edge, slightly decreasing your odds of a win.

Getting Started
Now that you have an idea of the bets, let’s take a look at the game itself. Despite its relatively high house advantage (particularly on double zero wheels), roulette is a popular game because of its exciting atmosphere and social dynamic. At a full table, you can expect to play about 30 spins per hour, which limits the possibility of losing big, and keeps you having fun for longer.

From the time the dealer removes the marker from the previous spin’s winning number to the time he or she calls for no more bets, you’ll be able to think, discuss and decide where your wager should be placed. Ponder hard and decide for yourself, and you could be going home a winner. Remember, roulette is a random game, and any claims of a sure fire winning strategy are likely a lie. Avoid trying to beat the system, and simply have fun. With a little luck, your first time at the roulette table will be a successful one!


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