Is video blackjack a doomed casino game?

Is video blackjack a doomed casino game?

Are you an avid Blackjack player? Then you probably love playing live Blackjack, online Blackjack, or live dealer Blackjack (we’ve got two out of the three at The Virtual Casino, for the record).

When you go to a live casino, you pick up the pace as soon as you walk through the casino entrance and head straight for the Blackjack tables. But over the last few years, there’s been a good chance you got sidetracked by something else happening on the casino floor. Something familiar, but at the same time not quite right.

We’re talking, of course, about video blackjack. They’re the machines you see on the casino floor that simulate Blackjack but don’t actually involve a live dealer. If you’re a newbie, you might have given them a try. If you’re a seasoned player, you probably steer clear of them and wonder aloud if video blackjack is doomed, on its way off the casino floor and into the history books of casino relics.

But not so fast. Video blackjack has its place on the casino floor. Before we get into why they’re not going to fail, let’s talk a bit about why many think they might—and why people tend to stay away from them.

Video Blackjack pays even money when you hit a Blackjack. When you play live dealer Blackjack or the online flavor, you get paid out 3 to 2 for hitting a Blackjack. So dropping $10 down would yield you a $15 payout. With video Blackjack, the payout tends to be even money. When you combine the lower payout with increased odds of winning for a knowledgeable player, you’re giving money away.
You can’t bet as much. Video Blackjack often limits single bets to a fixed amount. The betting limits per hand at the Blackjack tables with a real dealer are also fixed, but they tend to be higher. Those betting large don’t want the restriction.
Some video Blackjack games actually round down on payouts. Since you can potentially bet $0.25 at some video Blackjack machines, your winnings on hitting a Blackjack would be 37.5 cents. Some machines would round down to 37 cents, but others might go as far as rounding down to 35 cents. Again, you’re giving away money.
But Video Blackjack does come with some benefits, especially for Blackjack players who are just getting their feet wet. The biggest one? Blackjack can be an extremely intimidating game. What you do at the tables is very important and some players absolutely hate it when you don’t play within the rules, especially if a card you hit ends up messing up the table. Practicing your game using basic strategy at a Video Blackjack terminal can help you stay comfortable.

What’s more, many people visiting a casino for the first time have already played online Blackjack. They might be more comfortable playing at a Video Blackjack terminal where the action is typically faster.

Bottom line? Every Blackjack player is different, so while it might not be right for everyone, Video Blackjack definitely has broad appeal.

What’s your take? Do you prefer Video Blackjack when you hit a live casino? Or do you prefer to interact with a real dealer? Sound off with a comment and let us know.


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