Let ’em Ride Poker: A Cool Strategy

Let ’em Ride Poker: A Cool Strategy

There are many versions of classic casino games: Blackjack has a bunch of different variations as does a game like Roulette.

Poker would have to be the most innovated game on the casino games list; this game has come very, very far since the original 5-Card Draw. This popular game has been varied in so many ways that it is hard to keep track. Let ’em Ride (or also known as Let it Ride) Poker is a very popular casino game, and it is taking the casinos by storm. To get you better acquainted with the game, here’s a cool strategy that can help you play and understand it better.

How to Play Let ’em Ride
Let ’em Ride Poker is actually much simpler than one may assume. If you are familiar with regular poker then you will find Let ’em Ride Poker easy and intuitive.

  • You’re dealt 3 cards face up
  • 2 additional cards are placed above them face down.
  • The 2 face-down cards are community cards; you’ll use them to make your hand.
  • The goal is to make a pair of 10’s or better.

The goal is 10’s or better; that’s what gets you paid. Every time you have a pair 10’s or better in your hand, then you are set; you are getting paid. Now, you can expect to hit even more so you raise your bet every time. Now the exhilaration comes when you hope to hit an even bigger hand like triplets, a full house, or quadruplets as the house turns over the remaining 2 cards.

The Cool Strategy
Let us simplify the proper Let ’em Ride Poker strategy based on each betting round. Each hand consists of two bets after the ante. In order to decide to move forward with your first bet will be determined by whether you have 1 of 3 different hands. Since a pair of tens pays 1:1, you should definitely bet if you have tens or higher; this is the minimum that gets you paid. You should also bet if you’re holding a 3-card Royal Flush or a 3-card Straight Flush.

On the first round you should bet (raise) with the following.

  • 10’s or better pays 1:1 so always raise when you have this
  • Raise if you get 3 cards of the royal flush
  • Raise if you have 3 cards of a straight flush

For your second bet, you’ll need to remember six card combinations.

Aside from a pair of tens or better, you should bet on a 4-card flush (Royal, Straight, or otherwise), 4 high cards, or a 4-card open straight. “Open” means the 4 cards are in sequence (for example, 6, 7, 8, and 9).

  • Bet 10’s or better
  • Bet 4-card flushes (including straight flushes obviously)
  • Bet 4 high cards 10 or better
  • Bet 4 card open ended straights

If you utilize this basic Let ’em Ride Poker strategy, you’ll lower the house edge to 3.5%. A lot of players are seduced into making the side bet offered on your first three cards. This is also known as the let it ride 3 card bonus bet. Not all casinos offer it, which is strange because the edge is astronomical. It can spiral up to 36.52%!

Our advice to you is to never take the side bet on your first three cards. This bet is different than the $1 jackpot bonus bet offered, the side bet is for your first three cards only and is not player friendly, the jackpot can be depending on its size. Part of the thrill of playing let it ride is the possibility of hitting the jackpot, and the house edge on the jackpot depends on how big of a jackpot is offered.


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