Playing Sexy: Casino Games that Make you Hot!

Playing Sexy: Casino Games that Make you Hot!

Casino games have long been associated with smoky rooms, scantily glad waitresses bearing heavy trays of drinks while baring sleek thighs encased in fishnets. Casinos were, at one time, the hot bed of gambling hotness, and no just because of the women. The casino games, the high stakes betting, was a draw for those who loved the high and elation they felt when playing games of chance in closed back rooms that required a secret password for entrance.

Today, casinos aren’t as sexy as they used to be, but the games still carry a bit of the same mystique and irresistible draw that they used to.

Poker has many variations and each one of them brings in a certain type of player. The sexiest of all poker games, of course, is strip poker. Instead of using chips, each player bets a piece of clothing. The more of the body revealed, the higher the wager. While this specific type of poker isn’t played in an actual casino, it certainly is a favorite amongst couples who cannot seem to get passed the first few hands without leaving the table.

Who doesn’t like the thrill of playing this classic casino card game? Not only is there a lot of strategy involved, there is a lot of risk as well. Many will find that risk, much like sky diving, will greatly increase the amount of adrenaline in the blood. Adrenaline is a natural aphrodisiac…ever wonder why so many men and women are drawn to Blackjack players? It’s like they give off a special scent that says, “I’m a risk taker, I’m sexy, come watch me play.”

Baccarat is the game of well dressed, handsome gentlemen who like their drinks chilled and their women hot. James Bond is one of the most famous, if not fictional, Baccarat players in the world. While the newest version of the Casino Royale movie included a stimulating game of Texas Hold ‘Em, the original had Mr. Bond matching wits with his enemies over a high buy in game of Baccarat.

If spies and danger aren’t sexy, you’ll have to agree that Daniel Craig (not so much Peter Sellers) is one good looking card player.

While this blog post didn’t give much practical information, it should have at least given you a few fun ideas and entertained you enough to have you come back to our blog for more. Feel free to check out our wide selection of poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat game rooms.


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