September is a Smash Splash at The Virtual Casino!

September is a Smash Splash at The Virtual Casino!

Our mesmerizing Mermaid Queen has arrived to take you on a deep-sea adventure! Give in to her charms and let her take you underwater through the coral reefs and ocean banks! When you arrive to her ivory palace, she will shower you with pearls, tons of bonuses, and a very special chip! With all that aquatic pampering, you will never want to go back to shore!

Open the first shell and discover the first shimmering bonus! Enjoy a 455% coupon for Slots and Keno with a deposit of $40 or more! This offer comes with a 30x playthrough and a 10X Max Cash-Out! The second bonus appeals for the player that loves to play a little bit of everything! Take advantage of 200% extra on All Allowed Games (except Blackjack) with no wagering rules! In other words, there is no playthrough and no Max Cash-Out. Plus, you only need to make a deposit of 30 dollars to activate it! Now, if you love to get a little extra room to play, then do a $100 or more deposit and catch our 610% bonus for Slots and Keno! Like our first bonus, the playthrough is 30X and the Max Cash-Out is 10X.

Discover the Mermaid Queen’s treasure: a $7500 free chip!
Our beautiful monarch has decided to lavish you with a special prize if you take advantage of our special 200% bonus for our fantastic slot Mermaid Queen. The coupon lets you play this watery fun machine with no wagering restrictions and no max withdrawal limit! There is no excuse to miss this opportunity, especially when the deposit requirement is only $30. Swim towards our special gem-studded chest and see what is in store for you! How does a 7k chip sound? Every time you use the coupon code to redeem this bonus, you get entries on a raffle for a $7500 FREE chip! This coupon can be redeemed an unlimited number of times so the more coupons you use, the more chances to win the free chip!

The VIPs will be drenched in cash all month!
This monarch siren knows a thing or two about entertaining her fellow royals, which is why she has come up with the most wonderful bonuses to please even the finickiest of customers! Her first maritime offering is a vast 475% bonus for Slots and Keno with a 30X playthrough and a 10X Max Cash-Out! This first bonus is yours with a deposit of $40 or more! If you are not a Slots and Keno kind of person, you can use the second bonus which gives you a 220% on All Allowed Games with the exception of Blackjack. The only requirement is a deposit of $30 or more! This bonus has no Playthrough and No Max Withdrawal limit so you can play and cash out on the spot! The last VIP bonus is the pinnacle of extravagance! With a $100 deposit, you get a 630% bonus for Slots and Keno with a 30X playthrough and a 10X withdrawal limit! Imagine how many times you can play Mermaid Queen and other sea related games like Shark School with that kind of cash!

September is the time to jump in the ocean and discover all the subaquatic prizes that The Virtual casino has prepared for you! Swim over to our monthly promotions page to get all the codes and don’t worry about using them more than once… Why? Well, ALL of our bonuses can be redeemed an unlimited number of times! We hope you make a big splash at the slots and tables all month!


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