Slots Guide

Slots Guide

Here you will find the basics of how to increase your winning chances of winning or even hitting the jackpot.

All slots work pretty much the same whether online or in a real casino. In a real casino you spin the wheels either by pulling on a handle or by pushing a button. In an online casino, which is also a real casino just not physical as those in Las Vegas or elsewhere, you use your mouse. Sounds easy but you need to know more to win.

On Regular or ‘Straight’ slots the winning jackpot is part of a winning schedule and never changes. The jackpot amount is mostly posted clearly on the machine. Regular slots offer more realistic odds than the other kind you will find in any casino. Those are called ‘Progressive’ slots and as the name implies the winning jackpot grows larger and larger with every coin inserted. Although the jackpot in straight machines always seems less and not as lucrative than the one in progressive slots, the winning chances are much higher on regular.


As a minor rule, it is always wise to play a traditional three reel machine featuring ‘Bar’ and ‘7’ symbols. Due to the three reel system the slot does not have as many combinations available as for instance four or even five reel machines. Those machines naturally offer a much higher jackpot but because of their many combinations with single, double, triple bars, sevens and other emblems the chance of getting the right combination is decreased.


If you really want to go for the highest jackpot available on slots you should go for one of those. But always bear in mind that the odds on those machines are even higher than on a regular five wheel one. On the other hand people seem to win on those machines too and you never know, today might be your lucky day.

Another thing you need to know is how many coins you want to play and how the payout system on the machine you are playing on works.

Most machines accept one to five coins and the payout of the jackpot depends on how many coins you played. For instance if the payout for one coin is 500, the payout for 2 coins would be 1000, three coins 1500 and so on. In this case it wouldn’t be an advantage to play more than one coin, unless winning 500 is not enough.

On other slots the jackpot is paid at a much higher multiplier on maximum coin play. Let’s say the return for one coin if you hit the pot is 500, the return for two coins could be 1200, the return for 3 coins would be 2000 and so on. In this case it would be much better to always play the highest coin count. You should always play maximum coins if a bonus is offered.


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