The Scariest Games to Play on Halloween

The Scariest Games to Play on Halloween

Halloween is all about the thrill of getting spooked. This holiday of ghosts, goblins, vampires, ghouls, witches, and monsters brings out, in most people, a certain trickiness that is very characteristic of our nature. Halloween’s stereotypical monsters are really just a reflection of our own intrinsic dark side, a side that we must embrace in order to be balanced. So, there is nothing wrong with a little fright every now and then.

Here at The Virtual Casino, we try to accommodate every preference, so we have some darker games that are just perfect for Halloween. See which one peaks your curiosity.

Voodoo Magic
The newest game on the list is scaring the pants off of its players, but not so much because of the spooky symbols or the eerie sound effects. The huge amount of cash that you can win is enough to make anyone scream. The voodoo priestesses use their powers to metamorphose into any one of the other symbols on the reels, and the voodoo dolls emit their auras so that no matter where they appear, they can help you won even more. The 13 lines twist the superstitiously unlucky number into a very lucky number. Keep an eye out for the Magic Multiplier, the strongest spell in the game, which can conjure up to 25 free spins multiplying your line bet more and more each spin.

Monster Mayhem
Run for your life! Just kidding. Actually, the game Monster Mayhem might make you run home but to play and win lots of cash. The more these monsters destroy, the better it is for you. Make the most of this 50 payline game, and vicariously stand by as the monsters, Smash and Crash, force their way into making winning combos. If the ruined city appears, the winnings from this symbol are automatically added to the other wins. The havoc the monsters wreak will rake in the spoils for you.

Count Spectacular
This one is very possibly one of the spookiest games on the entire list, but it also one of the most gainful. Behold Count Spectacular; this wild symbol can unfurl across the board if it emerges on reel 1 and 5 on the same spin. This bonus permits you to either play 12 free games with three-times the prizes or 4 re-spins. If you select the 4 re-spins, reels 1 and 5 are held while the remaining ones get spun. The scatter symbol, the castle, can net you the highest reward of up to 50,000 times your bet per line. This is the authentic sovereignty of darkness at its greatest.

Goblin’s Treasure
Endeavor to storm the goblin’s sanctuary by playing Goblin’s Treasure. When you reach the treasure chamber of their misshapen palace, you will stand with your mouth wide open at the massive amount of treasures stored in there. You can choose any number of lines up to 25 lines to play per spin and bet values of $0.25 all the way up to $125. The goblin castle scatter symbol can win you up to 200x your initial bet. The two substitute symbols, the goblins and the treasure chest, also magnify your winnings to earn you even more money. Watch out for that progressive jackpot!

Remember Jurassic Park? Remember how real the dinosaurs looked and how they scared the color right from your skin. This game brings back that prehistoric horror but turn it in your favor. Between tropical jungles and lava bursts you will be winning big bucks. You’ve got 25 lines to play with, and in the third reel, if the T-Rex shows up, it will double any combo it goes with except the scatter, which is the Dinosaur Egg; the egg, if three or more show up, triggers the T-Rex Pick Bonus where you pick eggs and see if you win free spins.

There are others on the list that might freak your fancy. Check them out for the most Halloween fun!


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