The Virtual Casino’s Holiday Wars

The Virtual Casino’s Holiday Wars

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away… a vicious battle ensues between the forces of good and evil. This battle is not for control of the galaxy or for anything like that. This battle is for the beloved holiday of Christmas! And now, the epic Christmas Battle begins. Lightsabers will clash, sparks will fly, and laser bullets will zip by. You had better either take cover or take sides because this war is in for the long haul, well at least for this month of December. Grab your lightsaber, charge your laser blaster, dawn your Jedi robe, and hop on your X-Wing. What are you waiting for? Join the battle to save Christmas by getting a whole lot of cash!

Holiday Wars Bonuses
Use the force! This you must do to beat the dark side. They will try to use the force against you. Pump up your force powers with the first Holiday Wars bonus. This one pumps you up 560% bonus that is good for all the slots and keno games on The Virtual Casino’s games list. This bonus comes with a 30 times playthrough requirement, and it also comes with a 10 times max cash out. You can boost your force powers with just a deposit of $70 or more. In this war it is extremely important that you do not run out of the force. That is why we decided to make this bonus, along with all the others actually, redeemable unlimited times. Remember to use the force!

If to beat the dark one you wish, train very hard you must. Bend the force to your advantage you will if train diligently and consistently you do. With this 350% bonus make the force be stronger with you you can. For slots and keno only this bonus is. Absolutely NO playthrough requirement and NO max cash out limit it has. Acquire this powerful ability by depositing $50 or more you can, and forget the coupon code on the monthly promotion page you must not! Redeemable as many times as stars in the universe it is. Be the hero you will!

Alright, kid, this is how the third Holiday Wars is gonna go down. We are gonna take these jerks down even if it means jumping into hyperspace with all of them. How are we gonna do it? Well, for starters we gotta load up on ammunitions and fine tune the Millenium Falcon, and I know just the place to do that. It’s a little place called the monthly promotion page on a remote planet called The Virtual Casino. There I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who has got the craziest bonus stash ever. Right now they have got a 200% bonus that is good for all allowed games except for Blackjack. The best part is that this bonus comes with no rules! It has NO playthrough requirement and NO max cash out limit. We can snatch this up real quick before the fun starts with a mere deposit of $30 or more. On top of it all we can stock up as many times as we want because it is redeemable unlimited times! But we can’t forget to grab the coupon code from the monthly promo page or we’re done for.


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